Welcome to AbrahamShreve.com. This site will reveal my inner 2 year old along with some tidbits about living life out loud. I am a husband, a father, a coach, a teacher, a climber and on and on. This site is dedicated to all those who are as addicted to high achievement and optimal performance as I am. 

Who's Laughing At You?
Dad, we're best friends aren't we?

“Dad, we’re best friends aren’t we?”

Ethan asked that question on a day where I felt anything but attentive. The pace of the day had been crazy. I found myself sitting on the porch listening to a 5 year old tell me what matters in the world....


17 Years of Awesome

This morning I find myself sitting at my keyboard preparing to write an ode to an amazing day. You see 17 years ago today I married my Beautiful Terresa. Now I know that prefacing her name with "my Beautiful" will feel, to some, like drinking Karo syrup from the bottle. After all few things will put the Twitter generation's gag reflex on notice faster than public cheese. The truth is...I love being cheesy. I call her "Beautiful" when I answer the phone and when I come home from work. We kiss in front of the kids...Yuck. We are hand holders and once, on a romantic Walmart isle, I sang to her while standing amongst the scented candles.  It was not a credit to the musical world. And here is the kicker...she simply is beautiful! Here are 3 reasons why....