The World at age 6

We found ourselves in the bathroom of the Opera House/movie theater. It was during a darker moment in the movie The Guardians (a movie I love by the way).  Standing there prepared to lend my fatherly support he divulged the truth of the matter, “Dad, I just didn’t want to see the scary part.” I didn’t mind. I’ve used the excuse plenty of times to get out things I didn’t want to experience. When the moment passed and we were comfortably in our seats eating our $9 popcorn, I got to thinking about Ethan and his unyielding faith in me.
I suppose the world can be a little scary at times. I mean honestly, how is a 6 year old to interpret the idea that Uncle Sam is hanging on the edge of a fiscal cliff about to fall into pure economic ruin? And what of the woman who pushed a man to his death at a subway platform and fled the scene? Then there is the tragic shooting in Connecticut. So many beautiful children his age mercilessly gunned down while in a place he spends the lion’s share of his time: school. It wouldn’t be a stretch to see the world as a dark place. A hopeless place.
Yet Ethan has an Ace up his sleeve. He’s a kid. A young mind with the capacity to become a transformer one minute and Kung Fu Panda the next. He believes, with all his soul, his dad has Santa’s personal cell phone number. Everyday he learns something new: a new word, a Spanish phrase, how to do a new math problem. He wants to become a professional rock climber, a US soldier, a UFC fighter, and a sales guy like his dad. He prays every night and is certain his prayers go straight to heaven. I’ve heard them and I’m certain they do as well. If anyone has told him he can’t do it…he’s not listening.
The day will come when someone will try to convince him to be “realistic.” When that day comes, I hope he’ll laugh inside. I hope he’ll understand there will always be someone to say you can’t do this or that…while you are doing it. I hope he’ll feel for this person who has resigned themselves to believing life is what you get. More than anything, I hope he’ll extend his hand through his strong example of living a life worth loving. The world needs his spirit.
2013 is about upon us. We survived the end of days (sorry Mayans). We’ll make it through the fiscal cliff (though not entirely unscathed). There will be something else. Some lunatic committing genocide somewhere in the world. Some ongoing heated debate regarding gun control or religion or war. Yet through it all I hope to be like Ethan, because if I have limits they are self-inflicted. “Reality” is for the birds. I choose to live like a 6 year old. So here is a list of what this 40 year old is working on right now:

1)   I’m smack dab in the middle of a speed-reading course. Why? Because I want to read more often and I want it to be easier. It was $8 on my iPad and it is awesome.
2)   I have spent the last 6 months working on my own personal productivity systems and philosophies. I have a long way to go, but I’m getting better…fast. Thank you Audible and Youtube. This is an amazing age for those who love to learn.
3)   I plan to participate in 3 events this year: The Ogden ½ Marathon, X-terra, and The Spartan. I enjoy working out much more when there is an event on the horizon. Plus, I really want to multiply my ab.
4)   Finally, and this is a big one, I’m about to launch It’s my personal blog. There will be a series on fitness, productivity, parenting, playing, and whatever else I want to write about. There will be videos of our many adventures and possibly a series of bits about the hilarity of husband and wife communication/miscommunication. Stay tuned for details. It should be fun.
When 2013 ends, I plan on saying I did the most possible with it. After all, Ethan would expect no less from his Dad. So why would I expect anything less of myself. In the words of the legendary Jack Black, “Catch you on the flip flop.”