17 Years of Awesome

This morning I find myself sitting at my keyboard preparing to write an ode to an amazing day. You see 17 years ago today I married my Beautiful Terresa. Now I know that prefacing her name with "my Beautiful" will feel, to some, like drinking Karo syrup from the bottle. After all few things will put the Twitter generation's gag reflex on notice faster than public cheese. The truth is...I love being cheesy. I call her "Beautiful" when I answer the phone and when I come home from work. We kiss in front of the kids...Yuck. We are hand holders and once, on a romantic Walmart isle, I sang to her while standing amongst the scented candles.  It was not a credit to the musical world. And here is the kicker...she simply is beautiful! Here are 3 reasons why: 

  • I have a house full of energetic, crazy, often emotional, always experimental little kids. I dig em. They worship their mom. They worship her because she is that safe voice in a crazy world where the government spies on your phone calls and North Korea sits with their trigger finger on a nuclear missel. She is that voice who, when they think they can't do this or that, quietly holds their hand while they do it. Our kids believe they can change the world and their mom is driving the bus. She has a seemingly endless capacity to love. She gives to those kids every minute of the day. Literally ever minute of the day and yet she asks so little for herself. One day, at a brilliantly orchestrated surprise party arranged way in advance by her planning husband who never prepares just the night before, those incredible kids will stand and pay tribute to the woman who shaped their young lives. If I listen close enough I can hear those speeches from the future. They are full of awe and gratitude and a lot of laughter. Terresa is an amazing mother and I find myself surprised at how much security I feel knowing those beautiful kids are with the one person on earth who could actually love them more than I do.
  • Spoiler Alert: I am a dreamer. For some reason I think I can run marathons (I'm slow), climb El Cap (next year...it always seems to be next year), trek to Everest base camp, speak to thousands of college kids about a subject in which 60% of the time I did it perfectly 100% of the time, and on and on and on. 3 times Terresa has made that early morning drive so a talented surgeon could put screws in my knee, pins in my shoulder, and a plate in my neck. There have been many stitches. I can't help it. I was wired to go for it - thank you Mom and Dad. There have been those who have asked Terresa "how do you do it? How can you "allow" your husband to run around the world climbing rocks?" She always laughs when she gets that question. More than anyone of influence in my life, Terresa pushes me to the edge of my comfort zone and then, with a carefully placed foot in the small of my back, kicks me over the edge. We have changed careers numerous times, moved many times, and we're always trying something new. Her fierce support of me and her endearing friendship make her truly beautiful in deed. 
  • And lastly, Terresa pushes herself. I think if you asked her she would disagree with that statement. However, its true. Permit me an example: In recent years Terresa has auditioned for multiple musicals in which she did not even make the call back. That is mind numbing for those who know her. She is insanely talented, but its true. It's always hard for her, but when the opportunity arrives to audition yet again she climbs back on the horse and goes for it. She has landed some amazing roles and our children have the distinct advantage of watching their mother on stage doing that which she loves to do. Its tough. Our schedules are Crazy! But when the smoke clears I'm certain the great memories of seeing mom performing on stage will rise to the top of our family history. Terresa is living her dream and it is inspiring to witness.

It's been a wonderful 17 years. I wouldn't trade a minute of it (except for maybe the three 3 screws, 2 pins, and plate in the neck). Even in the most challenging times we have found a way to pull together rather than apart. I am a man deeply blessed. I'm sure there are those who look at us and wonder how a guy like that got a girl like her. It is certainly a tribute to my insatiable sales skills. Together we're draining the marrow out of this life. It's been an amazing journey so far. Terresa is my best friend and the best person I know. Indeed she is my Beautiful Terresa. Happy Anniversary Suga.