A Roadside Tragedy

"What's wrong Dad? Is it dead?"
We were the first to pull up behind a dark car with a visibly distraught boy pacing back and forth in the road. Maddie was instantly concerned. "Stay here" I barked and cautiously approached to access the situation. And then it was clear. At his feet lay the body of a small dog that was alive just moments before. I didn't know what to say. "What's your name?" I asked. His name is Michael. We checked the tags to no avail. No tags. "There were two of them and I got the other one." Michael opened the door to his back seat and revealed a scared black lab. "They were running in the middle of the street. I turned around to help them. As I was getting this one into the car the other one was hit right in front of me. The driver didn't even stop." His look made it clear. He desperately needed to connect with someone. He needed to know it was ok. He needed to know he was ok. I grabbed his shoulders and asked him to look at me "You did the right thing Michael. This could have happened to both these dogs had you not turned to help." He broke down. There was relief in his tears. I shed a few myself. I suppose Michael will not soon forget this night. To me it was a timely reminder of the need we all have for meaningful human connection, especially when the night is dark and we are lost. Driving away I felt gratitude. At times it seems there is a lot of poison in the world, but for every drop of evil I believe their is an opportunity for good. Michael is proof of that.