A Stranger's Blessing

What a blessing. I was the lone passenger on a bus ride from the rental lot to the airport. Roberta, the driver, is a working mother and grandmother who takes care of 3 grandchildren. As she told me how crazy life is and how she can't keep track of everything, I resisted my "share everything I am currently reading disorder" and just listened. "Their mother was never really around. She has an alchohol problem. My son works hard, but he doesn't have any money...Those kids need me...I'll do anything for those kids...I have a great husband....We've been married for 20 years. They're not his kids, but they don't know the difference...I couldn't do it without him..." As I jumped out of the bus we held hands for a moment. She had a big grin and wished me happy travels and a wonderful Thanksgiving. I thanked her and told her those kids are lucky to have her. Walking away I thought about my Mom. She is definitely an "anything for my kids" type of mother. My thoughts turned to my beautiful Terresa...perhaps the best person I know. I felt a swelling of gratitude for good people, for great Moms, and for wonderful grandparents.