An Amazing Woman

God bless the women in our lives. I got up early to prepare for a meeting today and noticed Terresa wasn't in bed. Aliya has been sick and has been up the better part of the last 3 nights. That means Terresa has been up for the last 3 nights. I went to the baby's room to see if T could break free and grab a few hours of sleep before getting kids ready for school. I found her snuggled up with Ethan in his bed (a cozy single bed with a ninja kicking, turtle rolling little 7 year old). She truly is everything to each one of us. I know she is exhausted and often feels she just can't do it all. Yet we all seem to receive the love, support, and reassurance we need and it comes from her without any thought for herself. Terresa is the most selfless person I know. If we don't say it, it never gets said.