Dad, we're best friends aren't we?

“Dad, we’re best friends aren’t we?”

Ethan asked that question on a day where I felt anything but attentive. The pace of the day had been crazy. I found myself sitting on the porch listening to a 5 year old tell me what matters in the world. For Ethan, it was all about his own climbing shoes, soccer, the Hulk, Mom sings pretty, I found a funny bug, and on and on he went. The truth was I wasn’t really listening. I was reeling from the day and all of my various responsibilities. And then he grabbed my attention with a statement in question form “Dad, we’re best friends aren’t we?”

To Ethan, it is not my job title or paycheck that matter. It is not the size of our home or the cars we drive that matter. He wanted uninterrupted time with his Dad to talk about anything and everything. That night provided yet another reminder of the need to find uninterrupted moments everyday where I shut the world out and focus on what really matters…my relationships with those I love.