Missed Opportunities

I had just returned from a business trip speaking in Texas. I had the flu and the pace of the trip left me wiped. I missed Terresa and the kids terribly and was happy to be home.
Later that evening I found myself at the computer when my tender hearted little 6 year old came into my office and said, "Dad, I wrapped you some presents. They are on your night stand." I took him on my lap and said "thanks Bud." We chilled for a bit and then I put him to bed. It wasn't till later I found several carefully wrapped items on the night stand. In the hand writing of a little boy the note read "I Love My Dad by Ethan Shreve." I had missed the moment! Terresa said he had disappeared in the day to work on a special project. It was for me. I almost woke him to tell him how much it meant to me.
Ethan wanted to connect with me in that moment. His hope was for just he and I to share some time for giving and loving. I challenge you to look for the message behind the words. What they say and what we should hear are often not the same.
My wish for you is a Happy Thanksgiving and a meaningful connection with someone you love.