Spirit To Spirit

Could you speak at the memorial service of your own child? The mere thought of such circumstance brings my emotions close to the surface. Yet there were Josh and Lisa in a loving tribute to baby Holden. He was born just 6 short days ago. He was only here for an hour, but he placed his mark in the hearts of so many. Josh and Lisa did a wonderful job. They spoke of lessons learned by a short and beautiful life. They spoke of eternal perspective and God's plan for His children. They spoke of supportive friends and family and an amazing outpouring of love from around the world. In reverent tones, they spoke of each other. Their unyielding love and devotion as a husband, a wife, a father, and a mother. They spoke of those irreplaceable daily moments which are often missed until the moments are gone. They spoke of sorrow, hope, and the healing powers of faith and love. 
I sat with Josh just a few hours after their little boy had passed. He said to me, "Things that seemed really important 2 weeks ago don't seem to matter at all anymore." Today, I caught a glimpse of Josh and Lisa and Hunter huddled together next to the grave site. Josh was on one knee speaking softly to his son. Lisa stood next to them displaying the inner strength only the truly elect among us possess. They are the type of people who, even in their darkest hour, reach out to comfort the rest of us. I'm truly fortunate to have such remarkable friends. No doubt there are long nights and difficult days yet ahead. They will pull through the way they always do...through their faith and love for each other all the while teaching the rest of us as they go. God bless Josh, Lisa, Hunter, and Holden Hoopes.