The Shreve Family Mission Statement

Tonight, for family night, we wrote The Shreve Family Mission Statement. We ate hotdogs around the fire while brainstorming what makes us amazing and how we want to see the world. Each member of the family gave their input. From here forward, this will be the yard stick by which we measure our choices and actions. So without further ado...I give you The Shreve Family Mission Statement:

We are the Shreve Family and that means something amazing
• We love to have adventures together. We love to surprise each other and we celebrate the important moments. We greet each family member with love and enthusiasm when they come home. We try new things together as we discover the world. We DANCE together.
• We show our love for Heavenly Father and to one another by being patient with each other. We worship together and find joy in serving others. We pray together daily and study the words of the Lord. Above all, we are kind to one another.
• We show our love when we support, encourage, and help the members of our family to do amazing things. We love to play together and we express our love to one another every day.
• Together we are amazing.