When Someone Dies

Today I am conducting my grandpa's funeral. It's an interesting opportunity to take stock of one's life. When I think of those I consider close to me, are they getting my undivided attention? Is my house in order? What opportunity to connect today will I trade in for time on my iPhone? It's good to step back and look at your life while there is time to make the necessary changes for enduring joy and peace. I'm convinced life is anything but boiler plate. Live a little irreverent, laugh a little too hard at the wrong time, and for the love of gravy...fall off the horse as many times as you can. It's the getting up that brings progression and builds that contagious inspirational character. For those who think life should melt in your mouth and not in your hands, here's a tip...it always melts in your hands. Lick your fingers and enjoy a second taste. If by chance you encounter the look of judgment from those who think you're doing it wrong I would breath in deep and smile. That's clear evidence you're onto something good.